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Guwahati PG

Home Away? Go Guwahati PG way!

At Guwahati PG, we have a purpose – “we change the way young India is living by creating multiple verified stay options for them to choose, make sharing a habit by co-living” – We do this with heart! And we do it every day!

Guwahati PG is the first mobile app for Hostel/PG to offer online bookings and payments. Our associated payment gateways are safe, secure and easy to operate. We are widening our network of Hostels and PGs which are budget-oriented and sociable accommodation across India and start influencing the property owners to own Security, Safety and Serenity of their guests.” Our objective is to influence the percentage of daily stays at hostels and PGs as the tariffs are pocket friendly to common man.

With the increasing number of students enrolling for higher education each year, the demand for student housing will witness a rapid rise and the company expects this trend will fuel its growth. The market is also witnessing a higher demand for student housing as residential facilities in the institutions are found to be in short supply and under-equipped. For corporate companies, Guwahati PG will act as a virtual buddy to support finding accommodation for their human resources predominantly young professionals.

Way back in 2016, Guwahati PG was just a diverse idea of creating an online booking platform for hostel and PG seekers, today it’s transformed in to an innovative e2e business solution for emerging co-living market space. Co-living, like co-working and car-pooling, is the result of demand for more evolved rental housing solutions coming from students and young working professionals whose choices differ vastly. Currently, this new stay option is very popular with young aged anywhere between 18-30 years. Professionals who don’t live with their families in the city of work are also considering this option.

Adding co-living, PGO will be the first integrated mobile application and website providing the variety of stay options to choose from private hostel/PG category, home run PG to company operated co-living spaces.

Guwahati PG
Guwahati PG
  • We create communities

    All our properties represent a sense of belongingness that makes it a home and not just a place where you stay. We know that our customers work long hours and travel on roads full of jams, and that’s why we make our properties homely. So, you feel relaxed when you come back.

    Our residents, or as we call them, Guwahati PG Amigos are a bunch of warm-hearted and welcoming people. We hold regular events like meet-ups, parties, bonfires, networking, movie nights and every other form of entertainment to give people a chance to know each other.

  • What we do & Why we do

    Guwahati PG was started with a simple mission in mind to forge a home away from home for the youth of India.

  • Where we see ourselves

    By 2025, we aim to make Guwahati PG synonymous with co-living. Every time someone is looking for a new apartment, PG or a hostel, Guwahati PG is where they would come to search and book their new home.